Friday, April 2, 2010

weaving the next step (s)

no pics today i have some somewhere but where is the question. probably still in the camera. sigh... i'm such a horrible digital photographer. come to think of it i'd often times have a year or two of film rolls to be developed too. no hope for me i guess.

i finished the first scarf and fell in love!

i warped immediately for a second scarf with similar warp yarns (read as: all I had left of the original colors and made up for with some pink koolaid dyed sock yarn)

that scarf was finished on monday night and tuesday night, with the aid of my friend Liz I got the color gamp onto the loom. this weave will me more wide (all 31" of Mathilda's width)than both of the scarves added together! ambitious of me, eh?

anyway, it looks lovely on the loom and now i'm sad that i did not plan for a twill weave afterall. i have two heddles and i suppose i could have adjusted it in some form.

so now i need to do some research and probably post a question or two on ravely and see if i have any options with the 156 slots 156 holes single thread in a hole on only one heddle that does not require redoing the warp! that was not a fun project and it helps me to remember that a floor loom would have many more holes, slots and harnesses to deal with than Mathilda does.

so that's all for now. i guess if i had remembered to leave the sewing room door cracked open last night i could be in there sleying so more of the threads. it is a 3/2 pearle cotton and my first non-sock yarn warp. well that first one was Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton 10 but you aren't going to make me count THAT one are you?


have a GRAND Good Friday

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