Tuesday, November 16, 2010

25 weeks - a yahoo group of gift giving encouragement-ness

In one of my infamous bunnytrailing adventures I found myself a new member of the 25 weeks group at yahoo.  It is a smallish group 150+ members and they encourage you to work on a holiday gift each week for 25 weeks to meet your holiday gift giving goals!  And monthly too  from what I just dug around in the files and found there.  I told you I'm new :) Membership for 2011 is now open :)  Tell them denise/deBRAT sent you.

I know that I found one person's flickr link to pics of her projects throughout the year that kept me amused all of my internet searching day.  So in an effort to catalog my gift preparing (and other crafting adventures) this year I have created this page at my blog.

Hope you'll enjoy the pictures of my projects there.  I'm not sure how the page portion works but the plan is to post the picture and a link that takes you to the actual post on the main blog.  I might have this all wrong and then have to adjust to what I discover.

oh, and as of today Nov 16th (my dear mother-in-law's birthday) there are no pictures there!

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  1. Actually, that's a really good idea, the group I mean. I'd join but I'd never make it. LOL. My spirit is willing but my flesh is too busy doing things around the homestead. :)