Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fishing time in Florida

Okay so I know that i have just posted a fishing post, but gosh golly gee the weather is so perfect right now in Florida that we went fishing again! Now if you are expecting pictures of huge fish you are going to be sorely disappointed. But I do have two pictures taken from the multitude of fish caught yesterday.

Neal does very well with tiny bits of past leftover shrimp that we froze cut up on the hooks of a sabiki rig. I did manage to catch a few fish once i switched to tiny size 8 hooks with bits of shrimp on them.

what did we catch? lets see.... hmmmmm... i do believe Neal got three ladyfish (yes on the sabiki rig!)a bunch of (pinfish? baitfish?)a few grunts and some puffer fish.

I managed to catch a lot of puffer fish, some grunts, some of those pinfish, two weird soft bodied very lovely colors to them fish and one what i'm told is a cow fish! Now that was a strange catch let me tell you. I'm leaning towards perhaps the two lovely colored soft bodied fish may have been a member of the cow fish family too as their coloring was basically the same and when i tried to get the hook out of their mouth they would keep ending up on their bellies. That cow fish was shaped like a triangle with a narrow flat base and those soft bodied fish would lay on slightly flat belly too!

so the pics of two fish and one Captain :)

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