Saturday, October 23, 2010

Colors of a slightly more northern Fall - Huntsville

I neglected to post pictures from my trip to Huntsville, Alabama
so here are some pictures from the area.

Now how many can say they flew one of these on their birthday?

I did too fly it!  That is me in the CH-47 simulator and I had a good time doing the takeoff, flying and landing!  And got a compliment from one of the guys waiting for their turn behind us, who was a pilot.  Can you say swelled head?  Of course, Neal said those trees that look like an "X" with some green dots on them from the air look like a real tree when you are landing!  The flight instructor guy said "ummmm, watch out for those trees!"

This thing practically flies itself.  If they had shown me where the key was to start it, I'd be able to make a great escape in my next im-a-spy-daydream LOL

so much fun.

Oh and I took a walk around the pond there and snapped a few pictures of the ducks, geese and Koi, enjoy! Oh and the nighttime shot of the fountain too.

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