Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fishing Report!

For Christmas my darling husband got me a fish finder for the boat.  A very inexpensive one but a fish finder just the same.  We've had many boats over our 28+ years together but none of them have had a fish finder on them.  Last weekend he mounted it on the boat and today we took it out for a test run.

Yes, we checked the weather ahead of time.  Yes, we went despite the predicted NW 7 mph winds in the morning changing to NNW 20 mph by noon time and 10% chance of rain in the morning and 20% chance come noon.  Oh and I should mention that this Fall the tides are so against us with the low being at 10:45 AM.  We were in the water by 8:10 AM.

With our 5 dozen small live shrimp, some frozen ones left over from a trip before and one ladyfish we kept from the last trip out with our son,We went out to a piling tower thingie and tried to find some bait fish.  Neal could not fish as the wind was rather brisk already and he was worried we take more water over the bow then I could stand.  So we fought the wind, the whitecaps (yes, in Tampa Bay) and headed over to the channel to try some luck there.

Neal would see a fish (yes as in a solitary fish) yell over the wind, "small fish 10 feet" (or some such depth).  I'd yell back "10 feet of what depth".  As I needed to go to the bottom and then reel up the appropriate amount for the depth.  This went on for some time til he finally "got it" and started to call out 12 feet of 24 feet.  Or 29 feet of 30 feet.  unfortunately by the time he'd call it out to me and I dropped my line in the water and it got reeled up the right amount, we'd be long past where he saw that solitary fish or two or three.

We are gluttons for punishment and we kept at it.  Scurrying around and chasing solitary fish.  I bet if the fish finder was a higher priced one I could have seen them chuckling at us on the screen.  Just like I can imagine you chuckling at us as you read this.

We headed once more back to the tower thingie and didn't see a thing and then just headed back in-shore to look for those elusive trout that are so abundant in the Bay right now according to all the sports people in the various media.  Just like last time we did not get a trout.  In fact, by the time I finally got a nibble from a fish smaller than my shrimp, I suspect, it was a good hour or more.  They stole a couple of my shrimp and then we headed up the waterway on the side of EG Simmons park and abuts the Dupont Mansion.  Nothing.  We had a nice time cruising around and trying to find fish.  Then we finally headed back to the entrance to the waterway where we had been before when at least I had a couple of nibbles.

Finally, a fish!  and it was a sheepshead!  I had never caught one of those before.  A bit later I had another one.  They liked to eat the head off of our live shrimp.  Then I would cut the rest of it in half to make it smaller so  I could get the fish to maybe take the hook.  I never got another one but Neal managed to get one stingray.

And now the part we all love.... a picture!  Is that one happy fisherlady or what?  Oh and I knit that green head thing Medieval Knitted Helmet too.  And just so you know I am wearing long johns, fishing pants, sweatpants and a long johns shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt, fishing shirt and that jacket showing AND the bucs hat and the knitted helmet and believe me, I was still cold at times.  Oh and a pair of gardening gloves most of the time too.

We had hot cocoa too. A very good thing to have taken along this trip!

About 2:20 pm we called it a day and tried to head in to the boat ramp.  THAT my dears is a tale for a different day.  Always an adventure when we go out in the boat.

Oh yea, the picture  teehee


  1. Ok, sew it is a really nice those great post

  2. Did you eat that fish? ;) So, having a fish finder isn't like dropping your line into an aquarium. Whew. I am betting they were sticking out their gills and giving you the NY raspberry too. I love being on my Dad's boat, but not in really choppy water. I've never gotten sick..yet but I pick and chose my days carefully.

  3. Thanks ladies for your comments. It was a fine fish, but when I checked the magic-dagic cheater tide table with regulations printed inside, I found that alas, it needed to be 14" total length. Sweet little fishy was lucky to be 8" TL counting the hook! I was just tickled to finally see what had been stealing my bait, piece by piece.

    Theresa-nope the fish finder is like frustrating! I told neal on a calm day, which will be in the heat of spring/summer, when we finally see and start to catch all those fish with it, we will need to remember to NOT complain about the heat. Fishing November - February can be brutal on the stomache, back and every muscle you forgot you had! But oh, I do so love to fish :)

  4. Well, I know absolutely nothing about fishing. But it sounds (and looks) like a great time was had!