Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let the potholders begin!

One of the items I'd like to make many of this year are the crisscross potholders (warning that is a video link for the same idea but coaster sized go here but still picture intensive ) I fell in love with sometime late last year.  I'd like to use up some of my seasonal fabrics making these.  So today, in order to celebrate the many days I have spent cleaning in the garage and the sewing room along with sorting through my ton of fabric stash to colorize them, I am beginning the process of setting these potholders up for quick grabbing for small amounts of available sewing time.

I began by getting the tub of potholder stuffs gathered as I cleaned the garage and sorted fabrics.  I started to mix and match some of the fabrics and decided i'd rather make more of each season by stretching the cute fabrics some with the use of coordinating fabrics for the opposing  squares.  then i took the first fabric out and went to press it.  ummmm hmmmm even my great euro-pro steam iron can't get these folds out without a lot of steam.  so into the washer went all the seasonal/food fabrics and then a few from the green stash bin to go with.  they are now in the dryer.

As I did not want to go away from the sewing room all depressed that all I did to "celebrate" was to wash and dry the fabrics I got out the large amount of insul-brite I bought in November.  I decided as so many of my fabrics of food and seasonal were actually fat quarters i'd start cutting them at 8 1/2" instead of the 9 1/2" i did back in december.   so i cut enough 8" (yes, a 1/2" smaller so not so much to trim before turning) squares of the insul-brite to make 30 potholders!  Now I need to find what happened to the warm & natural batting I bought in a bag when I got the insul-brite.  I thought it was in the potholders bin, but no?  then looked where the rolled up 5 yards of insul-brite was, no?  Looked up over the shelves in the garage where i keep the batting, no?

So now I need to go find the batting and cut up at least enough for thirty potholders.  by then the fabric should be dry and i can lay it out quickly so no wrinkles, at least none that you can't just hit with a hot iron to get rid of and then I can cut those fabrics.

One small baby step at a time.  That is all I'm going to be able to do.  If I think of it in terms of all the steps at once and how long each step takes, well I may never get them sewn up!

Have a blessed day, filled with joy and laughter, hugs and warmth,

denise/deBRAT in warmer? Tampa Bay Florida

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  1. Oh, that's such a clever way to use up fabric. They are lovely and useful too.
    Good for you and thank you for posting that link. I gotta try these myself.
    Glad to see you're in your sewing area too. Woohoo!