Thursday, March 1, 2012

And? She's weaving!

I have taken pictures, truly I have, but it is such a trial these days to even post on here - let alone actually upload a picture. So let it suffice to say that I am indeed weaving.  After all of the shed problems were resolved it has been very smooth sailing ever since.  I even went back to putting the basketweave tie-ups permanently on the outer two treadles so I  could stop with re-tying those up each time I finished an inch or so of a sampler pattern.  As of this morning I have 53.25" woven and thirty two of the 62 sampler tie-ups woven.

So what have you learned Dorothy?  Well, I've learned that it is really nice to just walk into the room and quickly weave off a pattern.  For the 6 treadle ones I am currently on, I throw 18 picks/3 repeats.  I have forgotten how long my guide string was for the warp.  I know it was longer than 3 yards.  And 120" seems to ring a bell, but that was a huge learning curve while ago.  I know that I planned for 36" of loom waste.  But I used a good deal of that to tie on to the front beam.  So what did I learn?  The last thing I do before I go off to get ready for work or go to bed or just stop weaving for that time period is to ready the loom for the next pattern to be woven.  Now all I do is go in the room, double check the treadles lifting the correct harnesses and start weaving.

I learned that a small sticky note kept under the pattern line in the magazine helps me see readily which pattern I am on.

I also am keeping track of amount each pattern weaves for length for the number of picks I threw(?)/did.  I know there are many variables to this whole thing, but it is a place to start.

So the update for today is that I'm weaving away and loving every moment of it!  I am plotting the next warp.  And while it is/was to be waffle weave towels I'm almost leaning towards a soy silk (Infinity by SWTC) scarf that I found in yet another old Handwoven magazine I have. 

And today while searching for my planner pages to refill the good 'ole planner, I found yet another old Handwoven issue!  So I will get to pour over that one the next few days in the few minutes I get here and there to do nothing but fill a short period of time.

Have a grand and absolutely glorious day today! 

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  1. Woohoo! Good for you. I know what you mean about uploading pics on blogger. Takes me forever sometimes, but please, treat us to at least one when you can.
    Congrats on the weaving and have fun with the newly discovered Handwoven.