Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let there be Pictures!

Because I found I did have a few pictures of the actual cloth I'm making from the 62 pattern 4 shaft twill sampler I now present for your viewing pleasure.....
The warp (on the back of the Kromski Harp) is better than 3 yards long. I believe it was 120". It is written down somewhere, but where?

threading!  a straight 1,2,3,4 twill.  I think i have that right on how I worded it.

Charlene helped me to get the warp off the Harp and onto the loom.  She mentioned getting a block of wood to make the threading easier.  After just a couple of groups I went and found these pieces of wood and started stacking them up until the eyes were exposed.  so much easier!

What do we have here? Ah, the 4 wayward threads that fell out of the cross from the table to the loom some how.  I looked at and worked backwards from the ones that were correct at the cross and put each of the four threads over or under where they belonged.  the one by itself is my floating selvedge thread.  I can see where one could get very attached to using those!

the first 4" of weaving.  plain weave and basket weave, patterns one and two, and then the number three pattern in the sampler.  I now have 54" woven and the next pattern is number 34.  Only 29 more to go!

The cottolin yarn for the original Caribbean Tea Towel Kit at Halcyon yarn.  A truly annoying adventure in purchasing, but I worked out what I need to do to get the pink in the matching 22/2(to me anyway- they all need to be 22/2 not one be 8/2-even though they insist it is the same - and it wrapped at a4 less wraps to the inch than the other three cones did).  Yesterday the actual original pattern arrived after receiving the current Caribbean Kit pattern which did not have the count for the change in weft picks.  I have longed for these towels for nearly 5 years and they will either be the next warp or the one following it.

Oooh lookie here actual progress!

And because everyone else seems to have some sort of picture like this I thought I'd post mine too.  other than the blurry bottom of the picture, isn't it just grand?

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  1. Well, wonderful pics and I love the sampler you are doing. I've eyed kits from Halcyon and Yarn Barn of Kansas and have never bothered with either,
    although they are tempting. Can't wait to see those towels in process. Such pretty colors!