Sunday, July 15, 2012

Overwhelming projects that never get started/done

UPDATED 07/15/2012 9:27 AM
First off I have no affiliation with any of the pattern makers or any sellers of the links to patterns for sale or for free in this post.

I have a terrible time remembering to take home everything I brought to work and not leaving something there. TWICE I have left my wonder wallet in the locked drawer of my file cabinet. The second time was the day after the accident and i needed my ID in order to go the doctor the next morning. Gratefully, the other person in my department lives on this side of Tampa Bay too and she drove it over and met us at a Wal-mart near us.

One time I left my cell phone there on a Friday.  Of course, that was the day before I was to meet east of Orlando to pick up my Baby Wolf Loom and THAT was the number they had for contacting me etc. AND resulted in the 2 hours round trip to work to get it.

So for awhile now I have been pondering (does anyone ponder anymore?) what solution would allow me to make sure that I have everything I absolutely need to take home with me on any given day.

Keys (yes, I can leave them there because dh & I carpool and I don't have to have them to arrive home each day after I leave the place in the car, except every other Friday when dh is off)

wonder wallet:  money, id, credit cards, all slightly important for gas, groceries, salon visits etc.

cell phone: which is also my alarm clock for waking up, email reading device, book reading device, websurfing device, and the basic of its functions- a phone for contact with my friends and family

work lanyard: photo ID, key to my office, key to the file cabinets

lunch bag

any personal papers etc i've taken to work on, refer to, speak to a doctor, lawyer, indian chief - oh wait no indian chief

gosh and so much more I'm sure.

Those are the basic items needed on every day of my work life.

I thought, as I am the type of person, if you always do it the same way in the same place you will not be as likely to lose/forget something... I could make a tote bag that housed all of this "stuff" I need to schlepp back and forth each day.

Dh and I also have a problem with the perfumes/air fresheners/chemicals etc that my tote bag absorbs during my time at work.  When it sits in the car for an hour on the ride home... then sits in the same spot day in and day out in the dining room so I don't forget the tote bothers our sensitivities to scent and clogs our sinuses etc.  Due to this I need something that I can make five of and wash! Then each day I will have a different tote with everything in its place and toss the smelly one into the laundry each week.

The more I have pondered this, the more I have thought of the PortaPockets Purse Insert pattern that I'm pretty sure I bought over a year ago and have somewhere in a bin.

The pondering came up with something like this.

make five tote bags with at least one clip hook easily accessible INSIDE the bag for my keys and work lanyard to clip to

make five "inserts" that house in a specific section each of the bare necessity type things listed above so at a glance I can see a pocket is empty and find the item before exiting the building and driving an hour home.

make 5 wonder wallets to use in the various bags

make 5 lunch bags with ample space for my frozen water bottle (used as the freeze pack in the bag)and all the containers/baggies i carry to eat and refuel me for the rest of my work day

make 5 water bottle holders which double as my cellphone carrier with a Nivea spf30 lip balm in the bottom of it

make 5 Maggies-large sized (Lazy Girl Designs) with lobster claw clip for my wonder wallet to fit in to in case i grab my waterbottle/cellphone holder and clip the Maggie to it with the wonder wallet in it. the barest of necessities in life for being able to do things after work or on the weekends but return the stuff to the all inclusive organizing for work non-forgetting-stuff "tote"

make 5 very protective stabilized eyeglass cases for remembering my "good" glasses each morning. I sleep with my old pair on the mattress for reading in bed at night on the .... cellphone of course!

And as you look at that lovely list, you can see why I have not made even ONE of them, as to think I need one for each work day in order to accomplish the portion of the goal that means washing the smells away daily... well it is overwhelming!

I should treat it like our gift giving thought process at 25 weeks on yahoo goups... break it down into time/item goals, KIT them up, and then figure out how many I need to do and when to get it done!

in order to even KIT the things I have to:

FIND the patterns I possess of these
1) Maggie FOUND 7/15/2012
2)portapockets purse insert FOUND 7/15/2012
3) wonder wallet FOUND 7/15/2012

PRINT off the online pattern:
1) pink chalk waterbottle carrier FOUND 7/15/2012

1) the perfect tote to house the insert AND have room for my tablet when I go on business trips FOUND very old pattern from some 21+ yrs ago Simplicity 8657 7/15/2012 just need to design an interior pocket JUST for the ASUS tf201 tablet with keyboard and cover
2 )the perfect lunch bag
3) the stabilized eyeglass case

1) cutting mat area
2) arrange the Baby Wolf and weaving stuff so I can get at the sewing machine AND the cutting area in the same crafting time frame. Partially done during the search for the patterns

it all!

Oh help me all, I'm awash in dreams of this solution and the enormity of it all.

Have a grand day, and remember no elephant is so big it can't be eaten one bite at a time. Yea, right.

hugs! Prayers! luv that you're in my cyber life


  1. Geez Denise, why not just make a cute vest or something to wear at work only, keep those items in your pocket and clean them out when you hang it up and leave for the day. Saf-T pockets has some nice stuff that might work for you.

  2. LOL Theresa, all this stuff weighs a ton! The tote bag takes two hands to carry to the car with the lunch bag slung over my left shoulder. On the days we go to the chiropractor, i have a third bag with knit pants, t-shirt and comfy fuzzy socks to change in to for my adjustment too! But I'll check Saf-T pockets out, just in case.