Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Quick Catch Up

Gosh not only have I been not blogging for a very long time - long story that probably will never get told - but this is my first post after the changes to the new and improved (don't you just cringe whenever you read, see or think those words? blogger.   And when i clicked the pen -must be to "write", therefore to "post" I found myself looking at a  VERY blank screen.

Do you remember the writing exercises in high school?  We would have to write for so many minutes, but with no theme provided most of the time.  The idea was you would just write anything and allow the words to flow from pen to paper without thinking about what you were writing.  This is all well and good for free-writing time, but here in blog land people will not wish to read your free-writing barf.  They will click to the next blog and move on!  Life is short and time on the internet is shorter.  Or rather, too consuming of a limited resource - free time, so we need to be very choosey of how we spend our free time.  So before you go moving on, if you have read this far, let me do the blogging cure all for writing barf (man I really just want to say it - vomit) and snag you with a picture!  Ah, a picture is worth a thousand words, and so much easier to write too.  And faster to read by you oh blog reader of mine.   So here is a quick review of the many months I've been "away".

Shortly after my last post we were able to go to our lovely vacation now/retire later condo in northern Florida.
 MARCH 2012
Where and when I did plenty of this >>

We did this each day>>
 I am still intrigued by the seagulls and this one was ever so protective of his chicken bone>>>
 Of course there were a couple of these>>
  MAY 2012
When son arrived for a brief weekend to see our darling Ashley (his girlfriend) graduate from The University of Tampa and ready to participate in the education of elementary school children.  Great job Ashley!

JULY 2012
 Back to the vacation now/retire later condo to check on things after Tropical Storm Debby did so much damage in Florida.  Where and when we enjoyed seeing the healthy sea oats>>>>
 Walked on the beach and collected more shells>>>
 Enjoyed the many ways people showed their pride of country & service>>>

 Where TS Debby left erosion of the beach looking like this.  That is about 12 inches in depth>>>
 We ate dinner at Dockside in Port St Joe and I got to see this boat>>>
 FLY!!!!!  >>>>
 And of course, the ever protective of his meal...  seagull >>>
 When a mystery bar showed up on the touch screen of the smaller Nikon camera I found that I could get a blue sunset!  >>>

 Or an over 50 years hatter one of red and purple >>>>
 that truly looked more like this... hazy and lacking an actual sun in the sunset! >>>
 Followed by amazement that someone would kayak out at dusk to the end of the pier where they pull in sharks of all sizes.  It was much darker looking than the auto setting on the camera made it out to be. >>>
 The moon rise on the other side of the pier.  >>>
 Look at me!  I'm king of the pelicanpoocovered rocks!
 And I found out I can do this on the camera too.  Why I would ever want to, I have no clue.  But I did it just the same.
Now you are all caught up.  Mostly anyway.  I'll try to find something much more interesting to write about next time, but for now I'll just hope this really loads so I don't have to attempt the post again.

hugs and prayers for each of you,
denise/deBrat in a hot hot hot Florida

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