Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Life is a Beach Bag!

the Life is a Beach Bag (designed by KyleAnn Williams of KyleannsKreations.com
The basketball is in the picture to show just how big this bag is! I will hold a lot of good stuff for the beach or it will hold a large knitting project. After realising that it was too big to gift to my mother in law for mother's day (see below for what she did get) I had procrastinated on finishing the cording for the handles.

Then while on the phone with my ds (dear sister) she mentioned that she likes her bags big because her knitting projects are large items. Bingo! A home for said bag. So I will be sending it up to her for all the wonderful things she has been doing for me while I get started in knitting and spinning! now if she is reading this then the surprise will be gone but the bag is so lovely that it will still be a surprise in some form.

knitting hugs
aka Grandma Brattie-to-be

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