Sunday, May 22, 2005

This is a terrible picture of it but it is hanging in the bathroom after felting and it is stuffed with a bunch of plastic grocery bags and one plastic hanger. I have not measured it after felting yet that will come tomorrow I think. It is an "interesting" bag. I don't care for how wide it is but I enjoyed making it and learning a new technique to do so. I dream of a similarly koolaid dyed entrelac sleeveless shell and then some very light weight and billowy sheer skirt to wear them both with! Perhaps a very long chiffon scarf that has been hand dyed to match too just blowing in the wind! Now that is a lovely "picture" but in reality I'd be tripping on said chiffon scarf or it would manage to strangle me in the wind! hope you enjoyed this bag and to get the pattern you will need to join Bag_A_holics on yahoo groups before October or is it November? LOL Happy knitting all and now back to Star Wars episode II which is truly the 4th released and more knitting on the shawl. ~denise aka grandma brattie-to-be

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