Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mathilda Mathilda you grey my hair!

Poor Mathilda, it appears she is going to be the broad sett of shoulders i lay all my weaving blame on! Afterall, if she came to me by mistake surely she is the cause of all mistakes i make in weaving!

and to think i even thought i might get to a bonding point with her where i start to call her effectionately tilde. HAH!

so i started off warpin with my Aunt Lydia's crochet thread (size 10) with no idea of length as it does not state on the ball.

yea i know, not what i should have gotten but the loom already set me back and I have got to start saving for parking for work.

I only want ot weave rag rugs from my tons of cotton fabric stash that is taking up space and weighing down my creative spark from guilt and lack of quilting inspiration for two years now!

anyway, i have learned that-

~one should always measure how many wraps to the inch
=finding out that 40 wraps makes ONE inch is not what you want to find out after you warp the warping side of the Kromski Harp for the third time!

~one should ALWAYS know how many yards there are in a ball/skein of warping material
=finding out that there is only enough to make 80 ends after you have warped for the third time!

~one should always use the two aforementioned numbers to calculate how wide of an actual fabric you can make from what is available
=finding out that at 10 ends per inch you will have an 8" wide piece of fabric to work with is not good unless you are using something thin enough in the long run to make bookmarks with. rag rug bookmarks may be a wee too think to hold your place well.

A)i either have to run to wal-mart and buy 3 more balls of Aunt Lydia's (in green of course so not likely they'll have that many of an odd color just because I need them)
B)sett at 5 ends per inch and hope for 16" wide rugs?
C)get out some very old, Lord only knows what color crochet cotton i might have hiding in the garage, in whatever thickness that might be ... and make the bookmarks!

boy, I'm sure going to look weird when i weave 8" wide bookmarks on my 32" Harp... ah Mathilda, you grey my hair.

PS. I have been all over the wonderful "web" trying to find out how many epi to sett the cotton warp at to make rag rugs and I canNOT find a number anywhere! I have however, found many lovely rag rugs for sale. But buying them - would defeat the purpose of weaving my own, eh.

Heavens to Mergatroid Mathilda... will we ever get this warp on your weaving side?

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