Thursday, February 11, 2010

She arrived!

Well the story is long and not an easy task but my Kromski Harp finally arrived. There was a wee bit change of plans. I planned for a 24" harp with extra 10 dent heddle and supports. What arrived was well, not that.

I am the proud owner of a 32" Kromski Harp with stand and the extra 10 dent heddle and block supports are on their way to me all for the same price!

This poor thing went to Shalimar Florida before she arrived to me as the zipcode was not quite right on her shipping info. So by the time she arrived to me and I opend her up to find a stand and 32" harp I did not know what to do. AFter much debating (due to size) I kept her. Of course, dh is not pleased that she is large but then if the 24" had come he'd not been pleased with that one either.

so her name is Mathilda Millicent Arachne Mergatroid and this morning it was Mathilda get OUT OF THE WAY! in the sewing room as I attempted to put up the bags of clothes I got from my mom on a recent closet emptying of her. So tonight i really need to try and get to the ironing board and move a few stacked up bins out to the garage and then iron some pants for tomorrow and then maybe i can warp MMAM up!

i had planned to warp her with sock yarn and enter a contest at hand woven but gee nothing else has gone as I planned why not warp her up for a rag rug using up some of my fabric cut in strips first of all? forget the contest it has to have the pics in by the 28th of this month anyway and who is to say i'll get all of something warped, woven and finished in that short amount of time for my very first project. not to mention actually manage to win any portion of the contest.

so tonight the bins and ironing board and tomorrow the WARP!

wish me well,

denise/deBRAT in cold again tampa bay Florida
sorry no pics maybe tomorrow i can edit the post

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  1. Hi Denise, I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment about my chicken coop "roof." :)

    I think the Kromski Harps are soooo cute! Lucky you! I know you'll be pleased with the larger ones. I have a Kromski spinning wheel which I absolutely love. They make excellent products.