Wednesday, March 3, 2010

and the weaving saga continues...

So i have pictures. i have tons of pictures to post but they aren't on this computer. THey are on a very heavy external harddrive that I did bring with me but i'm so annoyed i'm too lazy to reach over and set it up.

so the first warp has been woven as much as i intend to weave on it. i cut it off the loom on sunday night to take to work for crafting monday as a show and weep with me over this piece type thing. oh its not so bad truly. but it is NOT a rug and that was what i was making. it is way TOO thin to ever step on let alone wipe your wet shoes on. and the things other than that that are wrong with it i have figured out the error of my ways. so it was a good learning piece.

one of the things i really learned was that i wish i had warped for the scarf! so i plan to warp for the scarf this weekend and weave on it next week. which means of course, that the weather in florida should be extremely warmer by the end of next week when i suspect this scarf might be finished by. always the way, eh?

so i broke down and on sunday i ordered a kit for a colorwheel gamp. whatever a gamp is. i made the mistake of mentioning that if this will not be for a 10 dent heddle please adjust. well turns out i got told it was for a 12 dent heddle (the pattern that is).

so then i went through three emails of explaining that my question referred to the yarn and heddle's capability and not the pattern. then on tuesday when i had not heard back to my last email AND i did not know if it had shipped or was cancelled i called.

guessie what? the "new" girl answering the phones did not know and could not see my order in the system. she walked to the back to get the girl who does the internet "stuffs". well she does not weave and so and so will be in on wednesday to answer my question. well by then i was annoyed and cancelled the order.

spent two hours on line looking for small cones in a rainbow of colors with reasonable shipping etc and finally said to self " not may fault they choose to hire people who do not particiapte in the fiber workings at a fiber providing place. I'm confident enough that i did my research and i can do no less than divide my heddle count in the proper number of amounts and warp for "stripes" and even weave it for squares to see what happens. "

so i placed the internet order again, followed it up with an email telling them i had placed the order and yes it was a REorder. I placed that order at 12:05 pm my time, which is also their time.

I got a reply this morning at 8:51 AM telling me it is backordered and expected to be ready to go out tomorrow (thursday) and would be delivered on the 10th! Needless to say, i'll get this kit from them but then i'm going to save up my pennies and get full pound cones of colors i want in the future from someone else! there is no excuse in today's looking-for-work market to have noone around who knows a flip about weaving, or apparently fiber in general, so they can answer questions.

on an up note, one of the other fiasco's of this whole weaving experience is to arrive today. the second heddle and support blocks are to arrive today for the mistakenly ordered 32" size Kromski Harp. I'll believe it when i see it. After all, it can still arrive and be the orginally desired size of 24" instead of the size that would fit the loom I actually received.

I really don't think i'm suppose to weave! Just really bad karma all around about this thing.

i'm even considering selling this loom for what i paid for it to someone local and they'll get a great deal and i'll be out of the bad karma on this whole thing!

maybe i'll save for a Northwest Pioneer loom which i discovered online yesterday! it is the absolutely sweetest looking thing seen here

so yea that is a lot of pennies to be a saving up for and the pioneer has a max of 15" while the other one the frieda i believe has a mx of 20" opps my bad. the pioneer can do up to 20" the frieda only up to 18" but a significant diff in price between the two when only comparing same width and 8 harnesses. guess that would be an after birthday/christmas of 2010 purchase at that price unless i take a second job!

oh well, off i go to work in ends on my Carole's Clever Little Shawl that i finally finished knitting over a week ago from hand spun by my sister. you ahve to dig for pics of this one because the pattern does not have any i'll try to find links which if you are on ravelry you can search patterns for it and then projects and look for a pic in someone's projects folder.

pattern here scroll down to the link for it
pictures here go to January 22, 2010 and if you want to read the woes of the poor gal there, read the january 30th post. never ever send money for mugged people or "in jail" people etc. recently my poor dear inlaws had someone call them telling them he was one of their grandsons and he was in jail in Canada and needed money to get out. Gratefully, whoever stole this information from them did not know that that grandson was far from getting any bailout money from them etc. So be SMART do not react via your emotions, be cautious! better to have your money then to get swindled because you just reacted and did not think it all through from all possibilities.

have a grand day. off to work in those pesty ends!

denise/deBRAT in tampa bay florida

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