Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Rainbow of colors!

so real quick with maybe more later.. the second ever warp and the soon to be first real project! very colorful. much more ME! See? the camera case is the same bright colors! and the pic to the right is for recalling how i warped it to get this length in the future.
Below is a picture of the large mouth bass i caught yesterday on my FIRST cast into the retention pond behing my inlaws. I can't recall the last time i caught one this large. over a year anyway. and he is all of 20" long and heavy enough to require me to hold him up by the brass swivel! so at least 5 pounds if not 6 or 7! :) my hand is held up next to him and spread out. that is 8". it starts at his tail bottom. hope you can see it in the pic!

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