Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let the REAL weaving begin!

and so i have finally begun to weave on the colorful warp I began putting on last weekend. and this is what i have after an hour and many many breaks for lexulous and email checking and picture taking... and now, without further ado I give you the weaving!

for those who do not weave the white is waste weaving to spread out the warp (lengthwise yarns) and keep it there as you begin weaving with your real weft (horizontal yarn)

and those are indeed toilet paper rolls cut and clasped around my front beam to cover the knots from tying on the warp. i'm not sure this is right but seems i read something this week about covering up the knots so you did not get wells/dents/misalignment of the yarns in the finished fabric as you roll it on the beam.

i'm not very happy with my edges. i wound up puttin to yarn bits in the last slot and hole on either side of my weaving to see if it would fill my edges better. i may just get up from posting this and then un-weave all of it and do it with my edges just a bit tighter. after this much weaving i have a better idea of where the yarn needs to be on the edge and how much angle i need before i use the heddle to beat it in place.

i also learned that i must use a sword to clear the shed after each shed change and before i put the stick shuttle through or the yarn (opal solids and one hand dyed knitpicks sock yarn) in the warp will stick as it is a bit fuzzy. God bless those that use real mohair! And I was thinking of using up the mohair from my sister-in-laws mitered or logcabin or something or other scarf/stole i made from that mags kandis pattern to weave with. not any time soon!

i also received my color gamp kit this week. alas, i am very confused as to the pattern instructions. there are NO PICTURES of the finished items you can make. In quilting this would be billed as a mystery quilt. In weaving I expected to see a blasted picture or two so i could make the changes i needed to make in order to fit it on my 32" harp when the baby blanket is like 45" and 4 harnesses.

so i will be doing LOTS and loads of research while i am working on this scarf before i can put the gamp rainbow kit on to the warping board and then loom. i had hoped to finish this scarf this weekend and be ready to direct warp the loom with the rainbow "lesson in color" project on tuesday and wednesday night next week when dh is traveling. Much easier to think that through without him here. too much smoke emits from my head when i'm thinking through stuff on weaving.

okay posting so i can get back to the loom!

hugs all

mathilda... here i come! get ready to cooperate :)

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