Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blocks received May 22

These blocks arrived yesterday but noone checked the mail box until this morning because yesterday was son's graduation from high school! you can see pics at the family blog if you care to see him in his finery.
The first block is from Edith Shanholt who so kindly made the block I designed to honor my friendship with Winnie. How absolutely adoreable this block is done up in pink and brown with a hint of green and of course good ole' muslin. Thank you Edith for making a block for this quilt and for choosing my design.
This block is from Brigitte and it travelled a long distance in order to be in this quilt too. It is so lovely and bright and happy. I gave them both kisses, took their pictures and right after work tonight I will put them on the design wall in the 12 empty places for this sized block to go.

I need to pick out sashing fabric for this quilt. I'm going to cut the pieces 1 1/2" and then use my handy dandy 5 1/2" sized Creative Grids ruler to square each of them up. they will be a wee bit odd sized in the sashings to all be the same size for assembly but they ALL come with the same size love attached to them ... HUGE...!

Thank you again all for participating in this and I can hardly wait to design the other side of jane with the rest of the blocks....


okay so proud mom could not resist just one pic of son and his family here at the site. hope it is not too large for loading on your pcs to view. :)

Me (mom), my step-dad, my MIL, DH just barely seen in back, Neal the graduate, my mom, my FIL my SIL

You see National Honor Society white, gold tassel braid is Honor Society and there is a East Bay Indian very heavy weight pendant on that grey ribbon. He graduated with a GPA of 6.34 and third in his class of 456 students.


  1. Denise,

    The block you designed looks great. You are most talented.

    Great family picture. Your son has worked hard and accomplished a great deal already...... Congratulations

  2. Congratulations on your graduate son ! :-)