Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No blocks on May 16th or 17th

There were no blocks on the 16th or 17th, probably a huge hint to catch this board back up again for everyone to see the blocks, diamonds, kites sent!

On Mother's Day, my youngest son gave me flowers! My first Mother's Day flowers ever and the first flowers he has given me. He is getting too old sigh

He also had to work that day all day long so when dh went to Home Depot he asked if I wanted to go along. To bribe me he offered me a plant. I chose this lovely Lily of the Nile to remind me of Winnie. Because the plant is so different with its snake looking flower stem and Winnie and I had a "different" friendship being via internet and phone only.

Let me know if you like the plant I chose.

Love and hugs,

1 comment:

  1. You chose a great plant. I like the blue flower. You are a true friend to make this quilt for her. Also a design guru to put all these different blocks into a pattern.