Friday, May 5, 2006

What I am reading?

Occassionally, I visit a woman's blog (don't recall anything other than it is Mary on the Stashbuster list - yahoo groups- and she is in New England. I love to see what she is currently reading. She is an AVID reader. Me, I can take a long time to read one book as I read during my lunch at work (and not every day) and just before bed most nights to help me fall asleep or while "floating" about in the pool working on my tan for THEE wedding in August. What this means is I read some pages twice as I may be really really tired and forget what I read the last time and need to re-read a page or two to refresh my aging braincells. Not good for fast turn over of books.

This is my first Martha Grimes' book and it is okay. Not a romance and not a good-enough mystery so I am not flying through it. It needs to "pickup" soon or I will be just wasting my time finishing it. I rarely do not finish a book but this one I am considering.

Oh and I get them at the library and pay 50 cents for a paperback and $1 for a hardbound book. I found that checking out books was creating a long long line of renewals. At the cost of gas I can get a good bargain and only go about 4 times a year. Last Saturday I went and got 14 paperbacks and 5 hardbound books for the grand total of $12 left in the envelope. Add to that less than $3 in gasoline(currently $2.91 a gallon) and you have a great deal, eh?

This is the magazine I got in the mail yesterday. I thought my subscription had expired but they (magazines) send the renewal notices so early now that who can tell. I am looking forward to reading this magazine as I am trying very hard to get a spinning wheel. They come in such a variety of options and prices that I am building a spreadsheet of the different things to consider.

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