Wednesday, May 3, 2006

third Triangle Update 5/3

Okay so I have been a bad bad hand quilting girl and I have not done much of anything on THEE wedding quilt. Here are a couple of pics showing the little bit I have done.
On April 28th it looked like this

After a wee bit of work on it on May 1st and 2nd it looks like this.

Today I managed to get most of the third brown curved stem on the left side down but i have not taken a picture yet today. Been too busy downloading software so I can get the pictures off of my camera while at work. Where I can also add to my blog. This brings the total number of hours worked on this quilt so far at 115 hours! That does NOT include preparation time, washing of fabric, or even picking out the fabrics! Amazing, eh?

Here is a picture of what I saw on my way to get my morning cappaccino at Tarek's Cafe. A short but nice walk from my cube.

I never saw a dragonfly this large before. it was bigger than my hand in length and width!

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