Friday, May 5, 2006

My water housed friends at work

My boss's boss mentioned he had heard I had a "pet. I corrected him and let him know indeed I have two water-housed friends at my desk. They do make the day go bye enjoyably and as time goes on they are starting to show their personalities. Kit, the male betta fish is a pig! He has been eating everything intended for the African Dwarf Frog, froggie. Poor froggie I hope he makes it as he is such a mellow dude. He just hangs out with his body curved around the little half round stones in the 1 gallon tank they share. Or goes to the surface and "dangles" there. I'd love to put in a larger tank but I do have to remember I AM at work.

Kit and froggie watching me take their picture.

Kit upclose and blurry. He does not hold still as well as froggie does, thus his name S"KIT"ish. When I first got him he would nearly jump when the lab door would close over 50' away!

Froggie upclose and mellow. This morning he was even swimming about the tank. I have only seen him eat one pellet of food a couple days ago so I hope that he eats from the "bottom" as he is suppose to do this weekend. It is pretty messy down there right now with all the food that is just for him and sinks to his bottom location. Even Kit did not eat this last batch of food. Somewhere I have pics of the prehistoric looking dinosaurs I "grew" in Kit's original Publix mixed nut plastic jar to feed to Froggie. Kit scoffed the first two up so fast I was afraid to try and feed Froggie any more for fear that Kit would explode. The piglet!

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