Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Color of the Day

Today's color of the day is..... PINK! now blue but PINK!!! Phil and Ashley will have a PINK baby come December 2nd-ish..... Now to find someone to teach me smocking. And to choose a Christening shawl that can become a wedding day shawl if wanted later in life.... I just got the book Folk Shawls so perhaps that Russian Christening one that is in there. I really need to look at the charts first though as I am a beginning knitter and have only done one small lace project so far. Want to make sure that I will love the pattern and keep at it! I do love that Seaside Shawl one though. And Ashley is a Florida gal so it would be appropriate to her "heritage" ohhhh the choices the choices...

The other news is, it is NOT twins. gasp that was worrisome but would have been a wonderful double blessing :)

well off to see what I can make for a baby quilt. I had a "picture" in my mind for a BLUE quilt but a PINK quilt will require some studious discovery of patterns.

hugs all
denise aka grandma brattie-to-be she's PINK!

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