Monday, July 25, 2005

Funny thing happend while gazing at the job classifieds....

I just have to share.... I sent off my resume' to a company I'd adore to work for on Saturday. On Sunday I made mention to my husband while he was reading the paper the name of the company so he would not think it was a "sales" call and hang up on them! horrors!! So helpful man that he is, he hands me this teen tiny piece of the newspaper for me to apply for a marketing director job. "oh honey, I love the marketing department but I'm not qualified for marketing DIRECTOR" he then reads it to me and yes I'd be qualified. Oh, I forgot to mention the opening is at some resort in my area.

so I put this tiny bit of paper off to the side to get lost and later looked for.

dh on the other hand, manages to go on line and check out the site for the resort.

"oh dear? did you go to that C...... resort's website?"

"No dear, why?"

"well, it is a nudist resort"


Two thoughts come to mind on this.

The first was it is my experience that those that are willing to bare all are generally not worth seeing in their nothing-ness.

Secondly, on an up note, it would sure help on the new wardrobe I would suddenly need if the marketing director also went in the buff, eh?

Oh well, obviously no pictures on this one. Thank goodness. But I thought of a good link that even my very G rated personality can handle. Let me find the link. I promise you it will not embarass you.

hope you enjoyed the story and wish me well as I look for a full-time or a second part-time job. I have a child going off to college don't you know?

knit something fun today. and possibly later I'll have a knitting related post. But this one just HAD to make the memories part of blogging, don't you think?

Oh and if this one does not get any comments I'll just KNOW noone reads my blog.... sigh... are you out there?



  1. yup i'm here... and now that you ask for it ;) wanted to tell you that whilst nudists might be ugly in your view, they do look beyond the superficial. now that's a whole new approach (no it's not, but we don't see it too often nowadays).

  2. Perhaps I can best state this as... I don't often take a second look at clothed guys others consider to be good looking. I have often said to my friends, if i tell you to look your head should swivel off your neck because I just don't comment that way.

    I in no way meant this as a put down to nudists, the reference was meant as a bit of laughter type relief in this stressed out world.

    If you knew me personally you would know I would never hurt anyone and often times "shoulder" others' pain in life.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. It is nice to know that it is read.

    Have a grand and glorious day today, it is the only chance you have at this day. :)