Sunday, July 17, 2005

I made 28 stitch markers at Wannabead
They look much cooler in person. there is a close up pic below that might show them off better. They are for special extra "thanks for participating" prizes for the lace scarf contest that just ended over on traditionalknitting on yahoo groups. What absolutely gorgeous entries there were.

How is it that I can use the word gorgeous over and over in writing about knitting and not feel too much guilt about overuse of a word in a "paper"? While my writing may not reflect it now, I'm soooo out of practice, I wrote very well back in my high school years. When I was very young, less than six, our neighbor at the time told me I have a very vivid imagination. And I still do!

I really must clean my writing "act" up once more and write more. At one point I wrote quite a bit of poetry. Sure wish I could find that stuff, but I believe it was tossed out in a fit of cleaning one garage-is-too-full day.

So I must do more on the project mentioned in the "contest" as it has a deadline. ooooOOhh was that a hint?


hugs y'all

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