Monday, July 25, 2005

Lace Lessons Learned

oh no, the three L's!

So today I have managed to

block the vintage capelet (lovely enough to warrant a phone call to mom to make a lunch date for tomorrow teehee)

finish and felt the knit exchange bag... fuzzy and will need a razoring job but ooooh so nice and perfect for the recipient!

currently blocking the giftie for my sp5

So the Lessons Learned about LACE?

You will always forget at least one end to work in prior to blocking

The foam board (silver sided insulation foam) you have available to use for blocking will never be big enough (even though the vintage capelet had gobs of extra room on it!) for a very small lacey over the shoulders and for just a bit more coverage when wearing something strapless thingie.

Do not raise the blocking board above shoulder height when moving from the living room to the outdoors unless you want the ceiling fan to beat pieces of it off!

You never have enough pins!

1 1/2 hours putting the pins in for blocking of a full sized shawl posted by someone else now sounds "GOOD"!

The camera will not cooperate when you want a before and after shot of blocking (yesterday's post and lifelines)

Watch the skies for rain clouds when blocking an item outside in Florida in the afternoon! (just a precaution as it is sure looking like rain!)

Increasing every row on both ends of the aforementioned small cover up thingie is too much increasing! Note to self: Self, next time increase every other row! or just at the end of rows which will make it every other row. But NOT at both the beginning and ending of each row.... tooo much.

Patterns are not always right. :(

Do NOT lay down your current lace project to do other deadline specific items and expect to be able to figure out just what the heck you were doing! (I even had a check off sheet and a life line and still no clue what the heck I'm doing sigh... it is the mysterystolealong one too) Now that these three things: vintage capelet for mom, lacey small cover up thingie for sp5, and felted project bag for the knit exchange are done I jsut could NOT figure it out.

Lizards will wonder what you are doing on THEIR hammock sunning spot

Dogs will be uninterested

and lastly......
lace is addicting and now I want to cast on for another shrug or capelet

Just a knitting lesson in general. If you finish three projects in less than a 24 hour period you will find you have nothing "easy" to work on when you sit in the chiropractor's office.

well off to shoo the lizards off the hammock and let the dog chase the lizards around the palm trees!

pics to follow after the lacey small cover up thingie is done!
aka grandma brattie-to-be

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