Sunday, July 24, 2005

Vintage Capelet progress

So today, at 4 pm I finished the Vintage Capelet for my mom! I went to take a picture of it with all the lifelines in it and the battery is "exhausted". That is what the camera screen says. I can't find the spare battery. I can locate both chargers but not the second battery. This is NOT a good thing. I need the battery. In the meantime, as I really want a pic with the lifelines IN it I will pick up the knitexchange bag for David. I was really close to finished on it last weekend when I got this sudden urge to make my mom this capelet for her b'day on Tuesday.

I did do the buttonhole option for jsut in case but I really think she should wear it with any one of the many brooches she owns.

Well off to see just where I was on the bag for the exchange..... on a pocket I do believe.

enjoy the rest of your weekend,

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