Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pictures galore!!!

So today I will post a whole slew of pictures for your enjoyment. Or rather mine as I appear to be the only one who reads this blog. LOL

so let me see if I can figure out how to put a picture into the CENTER of a post using blogger and not using Hello. Not bloodly likely but I'll give it that old college try.

well shoot I just found a button for inserting an image. well do I feel dumb.

So now I guess i'll go ahead and try posting that picture now. If I postpone it a bit though I will be pospoining my feeling of frustration when it does not work.

Here is a pic of my mom in the vintage capelet

hmmm it did not end up at the end of the link but at the top of the page. wonder if i can get it to insert in the right spot this time? Isn't this fun? yea, right.

Oh My! When I used the insert image button it went on the left at the beginning. Then I tried again and it went in FRONT of the original picture (mom full in the shot) and centered. then I chose the magical edit html button. Then being the brilliant copy and cut and paste person I am I did just that! THEN oh my THEN I clicked on compose again and lo and behold i can type right next to my mom's picture. Wowzers! And it has only taken me a gadzillion bunch of days and 68 posts to figure that out.

Well let me get even more daring and try to post a picture of a close up of the bintage capelet. By the way, I loved knitting it so much that I bought 2 more skeins of the olive green to make one for me and 4 skeins of the white in the Berroco Softtwist. discontinued I do believe.
Close up time.

Teehee oh that worked too. More Cut and paste going on there. Now I need to remember what other pictures I was going to post today. Oh yea, I have pictures of the capelet blocking, and on the chair and with the lifelines showing. Can you tell I was really in love with this capelet? I could knit a dozen of them! Maybe I'll watch for a sale on the disco'd Berroco SoftTwist and do just that. But in the meantime, I have more pictures for you...... don't I?

hmmm ahve tried twice and don't see anymore pictures being added. so back to the publish and write again and then play with the posting times to get them in the right order. sigh that is what i get for getting over confident at finding and pushing the "insert image" button.


  1. Pretty!! Somehow, yours looks so much better than mine... I'm hoping the magic of blocking will pop the lace out a bit.

    Thank you again for pointing me at this pattern, I'm so loving it.

  2. Hey there

    thank you for the kind comment.

    if it helps you any, mine looked like nothing on the needles and was a crumpled up mess when bound off. It was not until it was truly stretched out that it got "pretty" so there is hope, eh?

    have a grand day and love your "nick" will pillage for yarn gave me a LOL as I took my first sip of coffee this AM.

    needles up!
    who tried to reply to your email but found it was bounced as No-reply to blogger comments.... sigh... this blogger stuff will give me more grayhair than the 3 sons!