Thursday, March 9, 2006

1st purse bound off!

So today i bound off the first of the purses! It measures only 11 1/2" before blocking in length and barely 4" wide but has plenty of stretch to block easily to the 5 1/2" needed in width. it looks like a lovely scarf but who could afford to make themselves a scarf at $55 a skein? Not me. Thought the second skein arrived today but it was the Carol Armstrong quilting books I won on eBay. Wild Birds and Quilting with Carol Armstrong. Tomorrow I will work on the quilt again at work as A) I NEED to and B) I don't want to cast on another one of the purses until I see that this one blocks up right. Oh and the last pic is a fake one fo the piece folded in half with the handles next to it. a little larger than I would have prefered but more practical perhaps?

have a grand day and here are the pics!

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