Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 29th more quilt pics

So I am still working on the second triangle and for some reason I do not have a picture of when I had added just pieces 26 and 27. Subconciously I probably did not want to waste the digital time on it to only have added two pieces. I have got to get my behind in gear if I want this to be finished in time for the wedding. I am leaning very strongly toward hand quilting this entire thing and to doing tons, alot, mega amounts, plenty, hand-hurting-amounts of trapunto work on the quilt. I may even do some shadow trapunto in the center Hawaiian applique'd butterflies abound ( my pattern see to give it some more gentle coloring. Remember I have intentionally not done the details to the butterflies while I decide exactly what it needs to balance it with all the color involved in the triangles I am adding to the outside of it.

So here is the pic of the progress a of yesterday. I am also planning to "stuff" the grapes with fiberfill to give them some depth and so that is why I stopped where I did yesterday. Before I added the grapes on top of those in this picture and closed them up, thus not allowing me to put a wee bit of fiberfill in them. Tonight's pic will have fiberfill in the grapes and hopefully bunches more of the bunch of grapes. Or should it be a group of grapes? No, it is a cluster of grapes.

Have a blessing filled day ~denise/de-brat

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