Thursday, March 23, 2006

Update for March 21 & 22 & 23

March 23rd I managed to put pieces 10-16, 20 & 21 on. It is really starting to shape up. I had plenty of time to work on more but I had neglected to check how many pieces I had prepared for today. Tomorrow is a big exam in the two labs so I will be unable to work on it then. I hope to remember to bring the other skein of pashmina with me and work on the next two purses.

March 22nd, not much done but here is a pic!
Pieces #3-9 today all tiny ones!

And here is the reason I got little done on the wedding quilt, the first WOBQ (Women of the bible quilt) block is done! Hand pieced of course.

March 21 st
The WOBQ (Women of the Bible Quilt) block for week #36 Miss Eliza for studying Elizabeth. I had pieced this much and then decided to get something done on the wedding quilt today. I will finish this tomorrow. The center fabric is part of the state flower collection by Northcutt. I think I am missing a couple of the pieces so will have to make do with what I have. Each flower has more than one state affliated with it. Or at least a good deal of them do. I am sooo glad I resisted the State Bird Collection of fabrics when they followed this line.

I finished piece #1 and piece #2 today on the second triangle for the wedding quilt. progress pic...

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