Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunday-the blocking/Monday revelation

Well I finally blocked the first purse knitted section and it was easily blocked to the 5 1/2" x 12" And today, Monday the second skein of Pashmina arrived, so now I only have to wait on the slow boat from wherever to arrive with more blush Pashmina to make the rest of them after that.

I took it to work today,Monday to sew up the edges and found out that first you add the beads, then you form the lining, then you add the lining/yarn to the handles. sigh and guess what the ONLY day the bead shop up where I work is closed is Mondays. more sighing I can't stop tomorrow night because I am getting my haircut. I do NOT like this new style he gave me and I am going to talk him into returning to the really cute bob type I love that shows off all the naturally-curly-hair that older age has graced with me once more. And how anal is this? I intend to take periodic pictures of my haircut so I can let him know exactly HOW LONG I want it cut previous to the wedding so it will be just right for the big day. I guess that is not anal it is just plain VAIN :(

Also, paying attention to the dye-job to make sure it is the right color/growth too for the wedding. The intention is to go up there the week before the wedding and I need it to be perfect for that night and I need it to be good to great for all the stuff the week before.

I am also searching for a mother of the groom dress. Alas, this task is hopeless! I found one I adore but can't find it in person at Dillard's to try on. I think I am going to be stuck making one because I will get the dress I like, in the size I need in a coordinating-with-the-mother-of-the-groom color too! The second choice I found (both online) was um cough cough sputter choke choke $2,200! yikes! Surely I can make one for less than that and even make a mistake or two and have to buy fabric for it more than once.... pray for me.... I am in weight vs looks (i think of myself as still 25) vs budget mode on this. I refuse to wear one of those matronly jackets over a lovely dress just because I am the MOTHER of the groom..... anyone else feel that way?

But getting back to my original point.....After the haircut, I get a massage! My first since mid-December. I am sooo happy. So because the bead shop was not open tonight I am going to look through my stash of beads (very very small stash) to see if anything is "one tube size 8 beads" and if I have enough to make at least 4 of them the same. heavy sighing now.....

And while I'm going through the bead stash I thought I would also check out what is left of the fancy fabric stash to see if anything is appropriate to use as the linings.

As to the progress of the first triangle today I only got to work on it 4 1/2 hours today because I actually had "work" to do at work today :) Updates on the computers during college Spring Break. Even more work there tomorrow.

Here is a picture ... three stems on the right side added and some of the camellia petals added. It would be so nice to finish this tomorrow but not looking good for that. I may even work on it a bit tonight to "help" it along.

Have wonderful evening all....oh wait! I also got a nice compliment from a sometimes quilter student who loved the fabric I used for the vase. So nice to have confirmation of that. I think it is the perfect fabric too!
stitches to all be thee knitted or be thee quilted,

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