Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wednesday's progress

Okay so I got to do more on the block then I thought was possible due to even more problems with the updates in the lab. I am typing this from work on Thursday and we are hoping that the latest try will work. Good news for the wedding quilt though so I could have more time working on the triangle. See the fuchsias being added on the far right of the block? That is the beginning of the 2nd fuchsia pinned on there.

The more I look at the Iris the more I see how skewed the one piece looks. I could take it back and put in one slightly larger to balance it a bit, but using a Dear Jane phrase coined by Brenda Papadakis, "Done is better than perfect". She then instructs you to give it a kiss and put it aside while you go on to the next one. Here is the link to Brenda's site.

Today I also got out early after a "meeting" that allowed me to stop at Wannabead There I was able to choose the beads for the wedding attendant's purses and decided it needed a small little drop something on it too. These little clutches are getting up there in price. If I was making for me I would have chosen something at JoAnn's or Michaels but these are a one day only event that I want to be very special for the Bride to gift to the attendants and for them to remember that day by. Because of the quantity of beads needed for each purse (46+46+30+2 per purse and the 30 figure is saving 90 beads per purse, because the instructions tell you to put 4 at each cable and I will be putting a single bead in the center of it instead) and the lovely items I chose for the "drop somethings" they will have to be ordered. I'll take pics as soon as I get the first one completed.

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