Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Cast on again!

The picture with the red row counter on the needles is the first cast on in pattern for the purses on size 1 needles.

So today I cast on again for the lovely Best Friends Purses for the wedding .

I decided that I could easily block to 5" from the 4" I was getting on the gently spread out on the needle and done in the actual pattern on the size 1 but not that extra 1/2" so today I cast on on size 2 needles and did 1 1/2 repeats of the pattern rows. This will look more like the actual purses in the pattern link above after being blocked I think. Here is the picture of the two next to each other. size ones on the right size twos on the left. the left is slightly larger than on the ones so I"m going to knit a complete one, or until I have to work off the skein that the ones were from and still attached to and make sure I am happy with it in that size.

Now I only have to hope that I can still get two purses out of one skein. As it is so hard to find in the first place I do NOT wish it to get less than stated in the pattern.
The one on the right (ones) was cast on at work, and worked on at my mammo yesterday. The one on the left (twos) what I got done at work today. I took an Outlook Email class and an Outlook Calendar class at work today which took me to lunch and then I had to sit and surf the internet in the Lab itself because they were doing tech support phone coverage from my desk today from noon-2 pm. Sigh, such is the life of a paper in the printers babysitter.

I did get to be a student's hero today when I explained what the instructions were saying for him to do to submit his test anwers/homework asssignment online using our network.

have a grand and glorious night and a better tomorrow

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