Thursday, March 30, 2006

March who knows

I just saw where I did not have the pictures of the latest cabled clutch on the blog. So here are a couple of pics showing you the second one blocking. This is the one done accidentally on size one needles but it stretched out nicely and now all future clutches will be on size ones. Incidentally, that is also what I got gauge with and posted about earlier. Sigh ... should have trusted the gauge ..... live and learn. Well, hopefully learn!

Correction, ONE pic, as I emailed myself the wrong pic this morning. I'll try to remember to send the picture of the progress on the THIRD blush clutch to myself here at work when I get home tonight. Of course, that requires remembering to email myself an email to remind myself to send myself the correct pic. As my husband says"Tough to get old" and as an online friend says "my brain wipes itself at midnight, I will remember nothing tomorrow and start fresh" I butchered that quote but you get the idea.

And now to somehow remember to call the bead shop and order the beads for the clutches. I had the order all ready then remembered that blush might not be the color for the other four cluthces. The Pashmina in bleached white is whisking its way to me as I type and soon I will be able to make up four clutches from that color.

Okay lator gators ~denise/deBrat
aka grandma Brattie as of 12/7/05 (Phil)
aka mother-in-law as of 08/18/06 (Derek)
aka empty nester as of August '06 (N Caelum)

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