Friday, March 17, 2006

Thursday the 16th

Lots to report but suffice it to say that the 1st triangle is DONE! Well technically it needs some little lines of embroidery thread put on it for detail. Here are pics of.... the finished triangle.... 1/4 of the quilt ....... close up of the iris and it's offending to small looking right side because the bottom large piece had to be skewed to the left to cover up a raw edge of a previous piece. It is like the one or two threads on each block difference in size caused by seam allowance and how it exponentially expands to be a big deal across the whole quilt top. By the time I had been off-just-a-bit several times in the lay out of the individual pieces things started to go screwy for the whole layout or raw edges would not be covered.

Much was learned during this first one that has 85 pieces. the next one is block #2 in the book Applique' in bloom by Gabrielle Swain. Going to hopefully work on that today. I have to see if one of those teeny tiny little irons and my 5" flip and press will allow me to get the freezer paper pieces on it... here's hoping.
finished triangle 3:55 pm 3/16/06 finished tracing block #2 at 5:15pm same day onto the clear vinyl.

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