Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ultimate Search for the ULTIMATE-Mother-of-the-Groom Dress

So my eldest son is getting married August 18th, 2006. Considering I do not have anything much to do for the wedding I am busy busy busy.
~I am making the wonderful couple a hand appliqued' quilt for a gift and hoping to hand quilt it too.
~I am knitting cabled clutches out of cashmere for the attendants and others involved in the wedding.

You can follow the antics regarding the two above sagas at http://debratsquilting.blogspot.com

Around this I have been searching for the perfect, or better stated, ULTIMATE-Mother-of-the-Groom dress. What a project this alone has turned out to be. I had my heart set on one through Dillard's but none of the stores have it in stock and I just don't care to order one online in the hopes it will be the right size, right color, right... me dress.

So occassionally when the mood hits me I start surfing the internet while at work. Today's searching yielded nothing in the way of the ULTIMATE-Mother-of-the-Groom dress, but I did manage to have a few chuckles and one out loud laugh! Gratefully, only one student was in the lab at the time so no dirty looks ensued after the loud laugh.

See I was scrolling down the page of thumbnail gown pictures looking for something to jump out and bite me ..... you get really good at scrolling quickly to move on faster to the next place on the internet that will yield you no results for the ULTIMATE-Mother-of-the-Groom dress. So anyway, I'm scrolling down the page and suddenly the next thumbnail pic is of the umm well the ummmm undergarments to wear for .... well certainly not for the Ultimate-MOTHER-of-the-groom! It was a bustier, garters and stockings (not the Christmas variety either, but lovely lacey topped sheer ones) and the ummmm panties? Panties looked more like the size of a bit of bathroom tissue that falls on the floor when it is the raggedy edged beginning of the roll that is not cooperating than anything in my unmentionables drawer. I'm really glad that it was not a "rear" view of the outfit as I'm sure it would have caused reddening of my cheeks in embarrassment thinking of my "other" cheeks being revealed.

Anyway, let me run and see if I can find the link for the site again as you just have to see it to understand what caused me to "forget" myself and where I was at that time (very quiet student computer lab) :)

hope that link works for you.

So after 2 hours of searching and scrolling I am back where I started. Or perhaps, even further back then I started, as I have negated even more sites, more dresses, more colors, more prices (the only one that met the "possibility of applying for said ULTIMATE-Mother-of-the-Groom dress position was $795 - on sale even-), and more frustrations.

All in all, it is still an enjoyable process and makes me appreciate more the "parts" the others are playing in the wedding and all of the "checklists" they must have for this special occassion. Mine is so simple.
1) Show up one week before the wedding.
2) Have a dress for the wedding.

.....hmmmmm but what about the rehearsal dinner? Will I be able to "dress" for that occassion in something more my style? Or will jeans be the going attire and I will have to now go on the ULTIMATE-pair-of-jeans-for-whatever size I may be by then. Less than 20 pounds to go for what size I'd be happy to be, closer to 30 pounds to go for the size I'd dreamt of being again. And probably 10 pounds to the size I may actually arrive at :)

No wonder making my dress is sounding more and more feasible.... but searching for the ULTIMATE-Mother-of-the-Groom-pattern to make is yet another day's tale.....


maybe with the money I save designing and making my own UMOG dress I can invest in the lovely thumbnail undergarments show at the above shop if they come in larger than thumbnail size!

Minor adjustment thoughts on the UMOG dress search:
I am amazed at the number of gowns with sheer inserts over various body parts that show up in the formal dresses/gowns categories that I click on during my search for the UMOG dress. This particular one has a sheer/see-thru area of the dress I had not quite seen before.

Okay what if? My creative writing teacher in High School told us to keep a file card box of "what if" statements and brief ideas. So what if..... the sheer panel was also a stretchy see-thru material... it sure would provide a place for my "no-I'm-not-pregnant" belly to go. But perhaps the bride would be up-looked on this one?

Probably more later as I continue to search and search

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  1. Good morning,
    I found your comments about the ULTIMATE-mother-of-the-groom dress intriguing. I will also be a MOTG on July 22 this summer. I told my DS and FDIL that I WILL NOT wear the usual long with a flowing jacket. No way, no how, never ever.

    I haven't started shopping yet, but have browsed through web sites. Nothing has jumped off the page to me. I'll just have to get away from my quilting and into a few stores.

    I can't wait to see what you choose and I'll be sure to share mine choice.